ACFID Strategic Context Consultation

ACFID Strategic Context Consultation
ACFID is setting a new five-year strategic plan and this is your opportunity to help shape it.

ACFID would like to invite you to a briefing and consultation to discuss the strategic choices for the future of the Australian development sector and your Council’s responses.

This briefing and consultation is for interested staff in agencies engaged with ACFID, especially those who have participated in ACFID Communities of Practice, Committees, learning events and advocacy. This member consultation is an important part of several stakeholder forums for the Council as it determines its new strategic plan for 2020 -2025. A CEO and Board level consultation will happen in the evening and heads of agencies have been notified.

A consultation paper will be sent to all ACFID members in early October to underpin the consultation.

The future for  human development is at a cross roads: economic growth in many countries has lifted 100s of millions out of extreme poverty making the UN’s predication of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030 possible; yet this moment of human triumph is threatened by dire warnings of the disastrous impacts of climate change warming the planet to 3-4 degrees which would unravel all the human development gains made in the space of a few generations. How should Australian NGOs respond?   

Australia’s official aid efforts, battered and bruised by aid cuts, and mergers, risk being overtaken by geostrategic imperatives to counter Chinese influence in the Pacific; so what is the future and opportunity for development efforts, when security concerns are paramount? What role should Australian NGOs play in regards to these geopolitical fault lines and what are the opportunities?

Many Australian NGOs are going through significant challenges to grow in a crowded fundraising market; while at the delivery end there are strong, justifiable pushes from Southern partners to localise INGO operations, and allow donors to directly deal with local NGOs. What is the future for Australian development NGOs, and how can they operate sustainably for the future?

The ACFID Board has been considering these critical questions and others in response to the changing context as part of its strategic planning and has some new possible directions it wishes to test with you.

ACFID seeks your advice and wisdom, and looks forward to speaking with you at this critical time for setting the future of the sector and your Council.

Please contact Karen Mowat for further queries on 

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11/12/2019 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
AVI Lvl. 27, 101 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000
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