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Using Systems Thinking To Design Your Collaboration

Using Systems Thinking To Design Your Collaboration
What does it mean to change the system? How are system interventions different from service delivery programmatic ones? And how does your collaboration use systems thinking to develop an effective strategy?  Cost: Full ticket $750 + GST

At ACFID we believe that the SDGs can be transformational and as such we are focusing on:
- Thinking systemically
- Working collaboratively
- Reporting on impact, and
- Going beyond business as usual.

Collaboration for Impact is now offering a number of workshops this year on this topic. These are complementary to the new ACFID Toolkit developed with Collaboration for Impact, CSIRO and ACFID members.

ACFID believes that this workshop offering is very applicable to our members who are wanting support and ideas around programming with complexity, such as implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. This workshop is open to all sectors in Australia but is applicable to the international and domestic actors alike.

You should attend this workshop if you are:
- Involved in, leading or thinking about initiating a collaborative response to a complex challenge
- Developing policy to better respond to complex challenges
- Funding collaborative change processes
- Playing a role enabling collaborations to develop their thinking and practice
- Evaluating the impact of collaborative change processes

When: 3 July 9.30am to  4 July 5.00pm
Location: Canberra (location tbc)
Cost: Full ticket $750 + GST

3/07/2018 9:30 AM - 4/07/2018 5:00 PM
Tbc Canberra
Online registration not available.

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