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ACFID Code of Conduct Code Self-Assessment & Exceptions

ACFID Code of Conduct Code Self-Assessment & Exceptions
This webinar is designed for anyone involved with compliance reporting to ACFID, specifically geared and timed for those who are preparing or compiling their reporting for an upcoming deadline.
Our members who have a FYE of December 30th will have a deadline of May 30th 2018 – if this is you, and you haven’t familiarised yourself with the portal or our reporting expectations as yet, then this webinar will bring you up to speed. It focuses specifically on the Code Self-Assessment and Exceptions reporting.

In the webinar, we will;
- Take you on a journey through the online compliance portal, how to use/upload/attach and navigate
- Talk about the kind of qualitative commentary we are looking for, to assess compliance
- Explain how the Exceptions Report works
- Confirm the approvals process, and also what documentation is being called-in as part of the focus areas
- Answer any questions and let you know of the tips, tricks and resources we have to help guide you
Please note that there is no new content being offered in this webinar – there are already 2 x pre-recorded webinars which were held late 2017 that explain the portal and the compliance system, the most recent being found here. This webinar provides you with an opportunity to get-up-to-speed if you are facing an approaching deadline, and also invites questions which we can help solve during the session.

How to register: To start the registration process log-in or create an account by filling in the 'Sign-In' box on the right-hand side of the page. Once you are signed in scroll down to the end of the text and click on ‘Register Myself’ or ‘Register Someone Else’. Next click 'Proceed to Checkout' at the bottom of the page. Issues registering? Email registrations@acfid.asn.au or call 02 6285 1816.


12/04/2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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