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Introduction To Social Analysis and Action

Introduction To Social Analysis and Action
Increase the gender transformative potential of your work – an introduction to Social Analysis and Action, a CARE approach to gender transformation.

Are you a development practitioner who wishes to increase the gender transformative potential of your work? CARE shares with us one of their models for gender transformation – its called the Social Analysis and Action – or ‘SAA’. It provides a practical resource for anyone involved in the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects aiming to promote gender equality. By joining this webinar you will walk away with a better understanding of a new resource with practical tools that can be integrated into projects that want to increase gender equality, across sectors including food security & nutrition, livelihoods, sexual, reproductive and maternal health, and more.

SAA is a community-led social change process through which individuals and communities explore and challenge social norms, beliefs and practices around gender and sexuality that shape their lives. CARE’s experience implementing SAA across the globe has shown that this approach can promote gender equality across a range of sectors. In 2018 CARE USA released a new Global Manual on SAA for development practitioners who wish to increase the gender transformative potential of their work.

Presented by Elizabeth Cowan, Global Gender Cohort Coordinator at CARE USA.

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2/05/2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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