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Applying Collaborative Approaches and Systems Thinking

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
Applying Collaborative Approaches and Systems Thinking 

Pilot workshop 

Hosts: ACFID and its Development Practice Committee 


Location: Sydney (Offices of The Salvation Army, Redfern) 


Facilitators: Kerry Graham (Collaboration for Impact), Dr James Butler (CSIRO), Melinda Spink (Australian Business Volunteers and ACFID Development Practice Committee member) 


Date: 12th (full day) &13th (half day/morningApril 2017 (with optional self-funded dinner together) 


Number of participants: 20 (picked on strength of expressions of interest) 


Cost: $250 per participant (ACFID members only).  


Objective:  How to apply systems thinking and collaborative approaches to the complex and multifaceted problems identified in the SDGs. 

Who should come: Experienced programming staff and strategic thinkers who are tasked with delivering on transformational change around complex problems, including the SDGs across multiple goals.  You will be asked to provide a short expression of interest (EOI) explaining your role and experience and how you would be able to actively contribute to the sessions.  Participants will be chosen on the basis of EOIs. 


By the end of the workshop participants will have: 

  • Practical experience applying systems thinking to a worked example in the sector 

  • Skills designing collaborative solutions for deeply entrenched and complex social problems  

  • A manual that supports participants to run similar processes in their own organisations 


Background Reading: 

  • Will be provided to those attending the workshop 


Registrations: Register by Wednesday 4th April 2017 via the ACFID Events Website.  Send a half page EOI to Kate Angus kangus@acfid.asn.au  (phone: 02 8123 2231). Once you have been accepted to the workshop on 5 April 2017 invoices will be sent. 



This workshop builds on discussions held in 2016 within the ACFID membership, identifying the best ways to support members to engage with the SDG's. This is the first in a series of workshops based on these topics. A similar workshop will be held in Melbourne in the second part of the year. 

This is a Pilot workshop. This workshop and a Systems Thinking Master class being held in Sydney, Thursday
 15 June, as a side event to the Research for Development Impact (RDI) Network conference on Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development http://rdiconference2017.org.au/conference-program/pre-conference-workshops/ will share experiences for ongoing refinement of resources on systems thinking for development practice. 


Kerry Graham

Kerry is the Managing Director of Collaboration for Impact,
 and is a driven social change advocate and consultant whose
 purpose is to evolve the way social change happens in Australia. 

James Butler

 James is a sustainability scientist with a background in
 agricultural economics, terrestrial, freshwater, and marine
 ecology. James’ research analyses complex development
 problems in the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on
 trans-boundary issues linking northern Australia, Indonesia,
 and Papua New Guinea. 

Melinda Spink

  Melinda is General Manager, International Services at
  Australian Business Volunteers and is a member of ACFID’s
  Development Practice Committee. Melinda’s expertise includes
  public health and sustainability and she brings extensive experience
  in designing and leading large scale integrated development projects.

12/04/2017 9:00 AM - 13/04/2017 5:00 PM
Salvation Army 261-265 Chalmers Street Sydney, New South Wales 2016
Online registration not available.

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