Event 1 Designing programs for rapid climate & global change

ACFID-CSIRO Learning Event
Designing development programs for rapid climate and global change

1pm to 2:30pm AEST, Thursday 9 July 2020


With globalization, life has become increasingly inter-connected. This connectedness has resulted in unprecedented rates of change, and an increasing frequency of shocks emanating from the global scale which are felt locally. The current global pandemic of COVID-19 is a case in point, set against a backdrop of ongoing climate change. Where COVID-19 has coincided with climatic disasters, ‘multi-hazards’ occur, amplifying effects on development. It is in these conditions of rapid change, shocks and future uncertainty that aid and development programs are framing problems and designing solutions.

In this Learning Event we present a framework for analysing development problems and solutions in an increasingly complex world, developed by CSIRO under the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership (APCP) project, Knowledge brokering for Pacific climate futures. CSIRO will also present the results of a survey carried out with eight development programs in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands which applied the framework to understand how they are interpreting future uncertainty, and incorporating these risks into their program design.

With the support of ACFID, the CSIRO Team would like to test the framework with ACFID members to see if it is useful for their thinking, problem-framing and program design. Depending on the outcomes and feedback from the first Learning Event, the Team will look to facilitate additional learning events that reflect on the framework and incorporate thoughts and experiences from ACFID members. To assess these, the Team would like to carry out a post-event evaluation survey using SurveyMonkey.

This is the first in a three-part series:
Event 1 Designing development programs for rapid climate and global change
Event 2 Designing development programs for rapid climate and global change - knowledge brokering
Event 3 Designing development programs for rapid climate and global change - skills development

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